New Patient PaperWork

Below you will find the New Patient Paperwork.

Bring all completed forms, driver license, bottles of ALL pills you take including over the counter medications & vitamins.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment so we can get your chart started. 

When you print out the new patient paperwork it will tell you the words are out of the margins, accept it and hit OK.
Do not change the margins, it will not PRINT out correctly. Also you may have to click Editing.

Due to severe fragrance allergies causing the Doctor and Staff to have breathing problems.
We ask that you DO NOT wear any lotion,perfume, or scented body spray to ANY of your appointments

If the paperwork doesn't open, please contact our office

Dr Erin will see All New Patients in a class setting to discuss introductory concepts for about 15 minutes.
 After the class Dr Erin will see you each patient individually to discuss your goals

​                                                                          Click on the Download tab to print out the
                                                                              New Patient Paperwork